Technologist and consulting attorney for advanced technology issues, cybersecurity, information assurance, information governance, technology compliance, data breach, information risk management, cryptography, software development, drones (UAVs), and eDiscovery.

With over 20 years of experience, Shannon Brown brings hands-on (and current) technologies skills; keen legal knowledge; proven business and organizational management and leadership experience to your project. Note that because much of his experience was acquired in business management, leadership, and technology prior to becoming an attorney, Shannon explains and advises in plain language and brings deep, practical insights (from experience) to very complex and emerging issues (at both the legal and technical level).

Attorney Brown brings 20 years of seasoned, small business ownership, executive management, and community leadership experience to your project. Mmuch of his experience occurred prior to becoming an attorney—thus, as a former and current business owner, he keenly understands the challenges facing businesses, organizations, and individuals.

Diverse Business Experience

His well-rounded and diverse experience includes everything from starting and running small businesses, serving as a Chief Information Officer (CIO), developing advanced web, mobile, and internet applications, operating a web hosting environment, designing databases, managing complex projects (project management), helping establish a farm cooperative, serving in small business executive management (Board and president-level), running a small farm (Farmer Brown), receiving training as a wind turbine installer, advocating for renewable energy, serving on county planning board, serving on the local planning commission, providing leadership to community groups/non-profits, managing national public policy research projects, working on university-community development projects, teaching as an undergraduate adjunct college instructor, and teaching as an adjunct professor of law. He has spent much of his career in advanced internet development and computer technology management but with significant roots in community and economic development.

Deep Technology Background

Not “just a technology lawyer,” he maintains his exceptional technology skills by actively developing software (author of the Prolorem™ eDi eDiscovery Software (predictive coding / predictive analytics); by closely following technology-industry trends; and through training in cryptography, information assurance, information risk management, cybersecurity, machine learning, artificial intelligence, software algorithms, statistics, open source software, and mathematics. Attorney Brown holds a technical certification in cybersecurity/data security. He is also a member in the federal, 7th Circuit’s, eDiscovery Pilot Program.

Solid Academics

Academically, Attorney Brown holds a BA (magna cum laude), an MA (as a FLAS fellow, University of Wisconsin-Madison), and a JD (cum laude, Regent University School of Law). He graduated from law school with honors  and in the top ten of his law school class (Intervarsity Scholarship). He served on Law Review, and his research (Note) on local government was published. While in law school, he also served as a research assistant on technology law, cyberlaw, and intellectual property. He was elected to Honor Council (ethics board) and received the law school’s Counselor at Law Award for commendable legal representation for clients.

Sustainability Commitment

Attorney Brown demonstrates decades of commitment to community sustainability. The virtual office cuts down on commuting. Attorney Brown was recognized in 2011 as one of only eight charter members in the state of the PBA’s, Pennsylvania Lawyers United for Sustainability (PLUS) Program.


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Licensed lawyer / attorney in Pennsylvania, New Jersey* , and federal court (Middle District for Pennsylvania).



* Licensed but does not practice or represent clients in New Jersey.