eDiscovery Consulting Lawyer

Not often do you get to work with the lawyer who writes software used in eDiscovery “predictive coding” or Technology Assisted Review (TAR).

Attorney Shannon Brown provides understanding of eDiscovery (electronic discovery) technology issues and might help firms dealing with these challenging new technologies.

Shannon provides eDiscovery training, eDiscovery advising, eDiscovery consulting, project counselling, and educational programs (CLEs) on the technical aspects of eDiscovery such as

  • data collection issues (with several publications on emerging cloud computing challenges);
  • helping lawyers to understand technologies at issue in data collection or eDiscovery;
  • eDiscovery outsourcing;
  • advising on the technologies behind technology assisted document analysis (“review”) (also known as technology assisted review (TAR), predictive coding, or computer assisted document analysis (CADA) );
  • mediating or acting as a third-party neutral to resolve eDiscovery disputes (court appointed or by parties).

Shannon brings over 20 years of hands-on technologies experience (including software development, database development, and computer systems administration) to your project. He has recent training in the technologies associated with eDiscovery such as machine learning, natural language processing, artificial intelligence, neural networks, probability theory, statistics, and cryptography/cybersecurity. He also served, after graduate school, as a senior research associate on national, policy research projects (statistical policy research).

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