Community-focused attorney in Pennsylvania.

Pennsylvania lawyer helping with community development, sustainable ag, and information technology law.


Community Development Law

Strategic planning, facilitation, and legal support for Community Development and community place-making projects such as farm markets, food systems, non-profits, cooperatives, and community benefit corporations. Consults on noise, noise pollution, and land use ordinances.

Information Technology Law

Legal support for information technology businesses. Attorney Brown served as a CIO, cybersecurity professional, software developer, web developer, database developer, and mobile apps developer. Consults on cybersecurity, data security, contracts, business strategy, and general business advising.

Ag Law

Ag Law advising for farm succession, land trusts, regenerative farming, sustainable farming, organic farming, biodynamic farming, cooperatives, farmers markets, and food systems. Also assists with threats to data security, cybersecurity, and agricultural systems/production.