Shannon Brown Completes Technology Courses

attorney Shannon Brown received Statements of Accomplishment for two, non-credit, computer science courses: 1) Machine Learning and 2) Artificial Intelligence.

The first class, Machine Learning, involved significant homework to develop working, machine learning algorithms (used in eDiscovery “predictive coding,” data mining, and data analytics). Students also received online classroom instruction via videos (with quizzes).

The second class, Artificial Intelligence, covered the state of Artificial Intelligence—everything from robotics, to probability theory, to machine learning, to game theory, to formal planning, to natural language processing. Classes involved video lectures, quizzes, and traditional exams.

The professors represent some of the top talent in the computer science field and being able to take such courses was a genuine privilege. Andrew Ng taught Machine Learning (one of the best professors I ever had the privilege of taking a class from and known, e.g., for his robotics work with a self-flying helicopter and artificial vision). Sebastian Thrun (probably best known for his role leading the team that developed the first, successful, driver-less, robotic car and winning the coveted 2005 DARPA Grand Challenge) and Peter Norvig (Director of Research at Google and author of a popular textbook on artificial intelligence) co-taught Artificial Intelligence.

The classes were offered through a program called Stanford Engineering Everywhere and affiliated with professors at Stanford University

Note: students are not enrolled at Stanford and receive no college credit for the courses.