Head in “the Clouds” Published

Attorney Brown closed 2011 with a fifth, print publication titled Head in “the Clouds” … And Don’t Know It?. Head in the Clouds addresses the challenges for Pennsylvania lawyers when assessing cloud computing use by lawyers.

Attorney Brown has written a number of other print, online, and blog articles about emerging, cloud computing issues.

Four other print articles published in 2011 include

  • Shannon Brown, Navigating the Fog of Cloud Computing, The Pennsylvania Lawyer 18–22 (Sept./Oct. 2011), text available at http://www.shannonbrownlaw.com/cms/archives/819.
  • Shannon Brown, A Next Step for New Lawyers … Obtain a Mentor, [The Lancaster Bar Association’s] In Brief, June 2011, at 14–15.
  • Shannon Brown, Cloud Computing 101 for Lawyers, At Issue, Spring 2011, at 8–9, 10, available at At Issue, Spring 2011.
  • Shannon Brown, Note, A Fly in the Ointment: Why Federal Preemption Doctrine and 42 U.S.C. § 7431 Do Not Preclude Local Land Use Regulations Related to Global Warming, 23 Regent Law Review 239 (2010-11), available at http://www.shannonbrownlaw.com/cms/archives/194.

Attorney Brown also delivered a CLE program in September 2011 for lawyers about ethics issues arising from technology use including cloud computing, encryption, data security, and social media evidence issues.