Attorney Brown Launching an eDiscovery Software Company

Attorney Shannon Brown recently launched a new, “community-benefit,” eDiscovery software company. Prolorem™ LLC‘s first product is a Computer Assisted Document Analysis (CADA) software package called Prolorem™ eDi that will allow solo lawyers, small law firms, the legal-technology research community, and law schools access to advanced machine learning software for eDiscovery on a desktop.

Attorney Brown developed and wrote the Prolorem™ eDi eDiscovery software himself—using his extensive software and applications development background and machine learning, artificial intelligence, and natural language processing skills. The Prolorem™ eDi software is currently undergoing alpha testing.

Prolorem™ LLC’s website details why Attorney Brown released this software as free software. Prolorem™LLC hopes to foster openness, transparency and community involvement in this emerging area of law practice. As free software, the legal community (lawyers, judges, law students. etc.) are highly encouraged to participate in this exciting and emerging project—see the Contributors Page for more information.

Computer Assisted Document Analysis (CADA) software is also sometimes called “predictive coding,” technology assisted review (TAR), or Computer Assisted Review (CAR). But, Prolorem™LLC tries to use the more descriptive and accurate Computer Assisted Document Analysis (CADA). See the Prolorem™ FAQ for more background on terminology.