Machine Learning Technical Presentation

Attorney Shannon Brown delivered a presentation on 06 April 2013 entitled “An Overview of Machine Learning” at BarCamp Harrisburg. The presentation provided basic information about machine learning including

  • defining machine learning,
  • distinguishing supervised and unsupervised machine learning,
  • classification,
  • ranking, and
  • clustering.

Part of the presentation with audience participation addressed basic issues of applying machine learning (or “predictive coding”) in computer assisted document analysis (or technology assisted review) during eDiscovery using software like Prolorem™ eDi.

A bar camp is an ad hoc un-conference where practitioners, educators, and professionals get together and deliver peer-developed, technology-related, sessions. Presentations this year included excellent topics such as

  • digital forensics,
  • cyber security,
  • machine learning,
  • regular expressions (for data analysis),
  • responsive web design,
  • co-working environments,
  • etc.

The April 2013 BarCamp Harrisburg was the fifth year for the program. Harrisburg University of Science and Technology hosted the event again this year at its excellent, downtown Harrisburg campus facilities. Hauck Interactive deserves special mention as an organizer, presenter, and sponsor of the event. The community and attendees appreciated that several companies and organizations in the area sponsor the event including The Patriot News, Drexel University Online, Learning Breaks, Fresh Roasted Hosting, and BigCommerce.