Attorney Brown Completes Calculus with Distinction

A lawyer who can do math? Attorney Shannon Brown completed a 15 week course in calculus offered by Ohio State University through Coursera. Shannon received a Statement of Accomplishment with Distinction for achieving a 92% in the intensive course. The course covered topics common in Calculus I including limits, derivatives, anti-derivatives, and integrals. Special insights and problems applying calculus to “real-world-like” problems added relevance to the topics.

Using a refreshing, lower-tech, marker-and-paper style (but with excellent high-tech embellishments), Professor Jim Fowler and his staff presented an outstanding, non-credit, 15 week course. Classes included extensive lectures (all top notch); a great, free text book; access to practice problems; challenging quizzes; two mid-terms; and a final exam—extremely demanding, highly challenging, but, without exception, worth it. Ohio State also made available its you-need-to-see-it-to-believe-it Mooculus teaching tool which delivered challenging and thought-provoking practice problems. Mooculus provided feedback in real time and offered step-by-step explanations to answers to aid learning. You really need to see this tool—as with the rest of the course, the tool was top-notch. (It does graph-based questions, traditional formula questions, and other cool stuff.)

I have participated in over a dozen MOOCs over the past year and many from Coursera. Professor Fowler’s calculus course is one of the best courses from absolutely one of the best teachers that I have seen (period). If you always wanted to truly learn calculus (not just go through the motions), look for the next session of this course.