Recent Interviews by Kiplinger, PBS NewsHour, and California Lawyer

Several national publications recently interviewed Attorney Shannon Brown about emerging technology-law topics such as drone aircraft and cloud computing.

Kiplinger and PBS NewsHour interviewed Attorney Shannon Brown about drone aircraft and UAVs. Drones (unmanned aerial vehicles or unmanned aircraft) pose a number of risks to communities and individuals from crashes resulting in property damage or serious personal injury—risks that must be addressed prior to a domestic drone industry taking off. Attorney Brown argues that the newly forming drone aircraft industry potentially lacks accountability and established testing measures to assure safety from the estimated $89 billion of drone aircraft flying around our communities—not to mention serious privacy, First Amendment, police-use, and other issues. These issues may threaten both communities and investors. Currently, drone aircraft operators might violate FAA guidelines by operating commercial drone aircraft.

California Lawyer recently interviewed Attorney Brown about cloud computing and law firms. Cloud computing poses special challenges for lawyer confidentiality, and while tempting, might not be the panacea it appears to be under current attorney ethics rules. As Attorney Brown commented, in general, cloud computing also introduces potential issues regarding safekeeping of client property (e.g., ABA Rule 1.15) due to its distributed nature and issues with subpoenas due to ‘sharding’ and other techniques to distribute cloud computing data—does the lawyer really know where the data resides and can the lawyer access the data?