Noise Again Linked to Early Death, Heart Disease, Hypertension, and Diabetes

A Swiss National Science Foundation short and long-term study of aircraft, rail and road traffic noise demonstrate disturbing links to early death, heart disease, hypertension, and diabetes.

The risk of dying from a heart event increases a disturbing 4% with every 10dB increase in road noise. Martin Röösli, principal investigator of SiRENE and professor of environmental epidemiology at both Swiss Tropical & Public Health and the University of Basel, stated “[t]he threshold for negative health impact is lower than previously suspected.”

The SiRENE study, ongoing since 2014, also suggests that noise may contribute to diabetes. Noise causes stress leading to insulin imbalances and causes sleep disruption.

The SiRENE study provides additional confirmation that noise contributes to significant, adverse health effects at much lower noise levels than previously suspected. Using the study information, noise from motorcycles, boom cars, and vehicles with tampered exhaust systems may increase heart-related deaths by 16% or more in communities. With aging populations in the US, the unnecessary noise places vulnerable elderly populations at significant risk.


Story from EEN (June 17, 2017).