Workplace Noise Again Linked to Heart Disease and High Blood Pressure

Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) researchers confirm that workplace noise can negatively effect health for workers. While traditionally, workplace noise focused on hearing loss, current research shows a litany of other, serious, adverse health effects such as high blood pressure and high cholesterol.

The study concluded:

  • 12% had hearing difficulty with 58% attributed to occupational noise,
  • 24% had hypertension with 14% attributed to occupational noise, and
  • 28% had elevated cholesterol with 9% attributed to occupational noise exposure.

Notably, the researchers stated that “nine percent of high cholesterol and 14 percent of high blood pressure cases among workers could be linked to loud noise on the job.”

The long-term effects or workplace noise remain unknown as does the effects of noise pollution in our communities. But with 22 million workers exposed to noise pollution every year, the long-term costs of noise pollution astound. Likewise, current research shows links between noise pollution and serious medical issues beyond hearing loss.


Original Article:

Workplace Noise: More than just “All Ears”