Attorney Brown Attends VirtualLegalTech 2011

Attorney Brown attended VirtualLegalTech 2011 on March 17, 2011. VirtualLegalTech online seminars allow an attorney to keep current with breaking and emerging Law & Technology issues.

The dominant theme of the March 2011 VirtualLegalTech Show was the fundamental shift in law practice—a shift largely driven by technology and the changing economy. The presentations illustrated that mobile, virtual law firms are an emerging, new paradigm for delivering legal services. According to the presentations, law practice technology may help increase efficiency and may enhance services for the added-value-conscious client.

The new paradigm, however, is not without challenges such as information security and client confidentiality. An attorney cannot blindly adopt new technologies, such as mobile computers or cloud services, without understanding the fundamental risks and mitigation techniques. The Argument for Mobility presentation included a particularly insightful analysis into the challenges and risks inherent in adopting new technologies—from encrypting hard drives, to managing mobile device deployments, to developing law-firm policies to address technology-related implementations.

Attorney Brown attended sessions:

  • Developing the Firm of the Future
  • Attorneys and Computers: EDI’s Autocategorization Study 2011
  • The Argument for Mobility: One Firm, Two Perspectives
  • Getting Ready for Next Generation eDiscovery
  • Knowledge Management as Competitive Advantage
  • Using Technology to Drive Value-Based Client-Law Firm Relationships The Effective Use of Technology in Litigation

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