Pennsylvania Attorney Shannon Brown Uses SSL and HTTPS

Pennsylvania Attorney Shannon Brown secures in-transit data by using SSL and HTTPS for the Shannon Brown Law Website. Despite being a standard practice, very few Pennsylvania law firms provide SSL security for their websites.

Failure to Use HTTPS Results in a Browser Warning

HTTPS helps secure communications between a browser and a web server. By 2018, most major web browsers warn users about websites that do not use an SSL Certificate and the HTTPS protocol. In 2019, web search providers such as Google, StartPage, and Duck-Duck-Go, plan to provide a cautionary warning about websites identified in web-search results that still fail to provide HTTPS connections.

HTTPS A Standard Practice for Business

Securing the in-transit communications helps minimize interception of web communications by malicious parties. HTTPS stands as a standard practice for any logins, financial information, purchases, or passwords. Without HTTPS, information entered in web forms, web searches, or logins might be sent in clear-text.

Attorney Shannon Brown Uses HTTPS

Attorney Shannon Brown implemented HTTPS for the law firm’s website in January 2018. He offered encrypted email starting in 2010.

Attorney Brown provides cybersecurity law, data breach law, and information technology law legal services in Pennsylvania.