Founding Pennsylvania’s First Noise-Pollution-Abatement Advocacy Organization

Study after study link noise pollution with adverse health including birth defects, miscarriages, diabetes, heart disease, heart attack, high blood pressure, learning impairment in children, psychological disorders, stress induced disorders, hearing loss, PTSD, and  early death. Noise disrupts communities, interferes with the enjoyment of natural areas, and causes neighbor disputes. Noise violates our most fundamental Constitutional rights by interfering with the fundamental right to quiet enjoyment. Yet, even basic noise mitigation too often falls on deaf ears. No more.

Attorney Shannon Brown quietly leads a new non-profit community initiative  named, the Pennsylvania Association for Noise Pollution Abatement with focus on

  • raising awareness of noise pollution (the sometimes “forgotten pollution”),
  • providing education on the startling adverse health effects tied to noise (noise need not be “loud”),
  • delivering community education programs on noise mitigation,
  • advocating for those affected by noise pollution, and
  • developing sound, public policy to comprehensively mitigate noise pollution.

More will follow as this initiative further addresses noise pollution in Pennsylvania. Interested? Join the movement.