Hiatus Explained—Technology & Ethics CLE Pending

For the past few weeks, Attorney Brown took a brief hiatus from blogging and website articles to prepare for a forthcoming Legal Ethics & Technology CLE. Attorney Brown is scheduled to deliver the CLE at the Lancaster Bar Association on September 9, 2011. The CLE will address (as time permits) emerging issues for lawyers related to technology such as:

  • the use of cloud computing by lawyers;
  • the use, justification, and increasing necessity for encrypted email (re-visiting the mouldering email ethics opinions from 1997 and 1999);
  • social media-related ethics issues for lawyers; and
  • novel issues in the new world of lawyer websites (just when you thought websites were simple).

As time permits, the CLE will also provide an overview of encryption and cryptography issues related to the above.

To sign-up, see the Lancaster Bar Association’s Website.
Technology in Law Practice: How Can Something So Beneficial Raise So Many Ethical Concerns? at http://www.lancasterbar.org … Member Resources … CLE.