Attorney Brown Continuing Education

In October, Attorney Brown returns to class by taking three, technology-related, non-credit courses:

  • Introduction to Machine Learning,
  • Introduction to Databases, and
  • Introduction to Artificial Intelligence.

All three classes provide review materials or new insights into complex, emerging issues that can be applied to the legal field including e-discovery “predictive coding,” modern database structures, and privacy issues related to data analysis (e.g., social media and tracking). The courses are delivered by faculty from Stanford University Engineering.

Attorney Brown also recently participated in technology-related webinars including:

  • Cloud Computing – How it is impacting the practice of law (13 October 2011),
  • The security mistakes users make (13 October 2011>,
  • Smartphone Security (04 October 2011),
  • Cloud Storage Survey Results: Tackling Security & Control Concerns (29 September 2011),
  • Creating A Successful Social Networking Initiative (27 September 2011),
  • Protect Your Data, Systems and Applications With A Sound Data Back-Up And Recovery Strategy (21 September 2011), and
  • VirtualLegalTech (multiple classes) (15 September 2011).