Attorney Brown Receives Cybersecurity Technical Certification

Attorney Shannon Brown passed the new, performance-based, CompTIA Security+™ certification exam on September 16, 2014. CompTIA Security+™ certification provides an industry-recognized method to objectively demonstrate technical skills in computer security, data security, or cybersecurity. The new cybersecurity certification is believed to be a first for an attorney in Pennsylvania. The…

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Cybersecurity Basics for Pennsylvania Law Firms

Most Pennsylvania law firms either misunderstand cybersecurity [computer and network security] or significantly underestimate the threat of data breaches at law firms. Successful “hacks” can result in the loss of client confidential data or even losses of escrow funds. Considering the November 2013 updates to the…

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The Next Battleground for Data Breaches…Shareholder Lawsuits?

Companies ill-prepared for data breaches and failing to take reasonable steps to secure data and computer systems face increasing and serious risks to the business. Specifically, companies, officers, and boards must start taking data and computer-systems security seriously or risk shareholder lawsuits. Shareholder Lawsuits for Data Breaches In two…

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Attorney Shannon Brown Presents at ShmooCon 2014

Attorney Shannon Brown presented Technology Law Issues for Security Professionals at ShmooCon 2014. The presentation provided

an overview of “what is the law?” from a legal perspective and
the basics of legal interpretation.

Emphasis was placed on understanding what the “the law” really means in a legal sense.

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Attorney Brown Completes Malware Course

Not many lawyers engage in malware analysis and issues. But malware poses a formidable and emerging challenge for companies, businesses, organizations, and individuals who face cybersecurity threats, cybercrime,  cyber-espionage, identity theft, and data breaches. Attorney Shannon Brown recently completed a six week, online, graduate-level course in malware entitled Malicious Software and its Underground Economy: Two Sides to Every Story. The course covered current and emerging trends in malware including traditional malware, mobile device malware, and sophisticated malware obfuscation techniques. The course also provided lessons in detecting malware (malare is far more sophisticated than most realize) and decompiling malware using decompilation tools and machine code analysis (Attorney Brown has a significant background in computer programming and systems analysis aiding in this exercise).

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