A Basic Computer Data Backup Option for Solo or Small-firm Attorneys: Areca Review

Several months ago, I embarked on what I thought would be the easy task of finding a simple, usable, and effective computer data backup solution for my solo attorney law practice. I was wrong; I seriously underestimated the [needless] complexity of this task (even with my technology background). While backup solutions abound, I struggled to find a solution that met basic criteria. I provide this article to hopefully help other Pennsylvania lawyers evaluating backup options.

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Study Offers Insights into Law Practice Technology

The 2010 Case, Matter, and Practice Management System Software Study provides interesting insights into law practice technologies. The 312 page report widely addresses technology use in law practice. However, three areas particularly intrigue: cloud computing use, OpenOffice word processor use, and overall technology evaluation.

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Typography for Lawyers—Strunk & White’s “Stylish” Companion Volume

BOOK REVIEW: Appearance matters. We dress well when appearing in court because we are professionals. Yet, much of an attorney’s work involves written communication. How can we similarly reflect professional appearance in our writing?

Typography for Lawyers delivers a concise, useful, and relevant introduction to “dressing-up” professional documents. (The book’s format and writing style are reminiscent of the classic, Strunk & White, grammatical text. These “companion volumes” deserve a place, within easy reach, in any attorney’s library.) The author successfully balances conciseness with comprehensiveness.

In 216 easy-reading pages, author Matthew Butterick successfully introduces good typography and provides a basic, how-to guide for implementing good typography in your documents—using no tools other than common word processors. The author defines typography as “the visual component of the written word”—white space, paragraph formatting, use of proper character symbols, fonts, page layout, etc.

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