A Fair Approach to Drone Regulation

Drone manufacturers and would-be manufacturers paint a picture of skies filled with drones—unmanned aircraft (and other machines). Media and advocacy groups cite First Amendment rights to the use of drones. Police seek drones despite prohibitions by federal and state constitutions. But, serious issues related to safety (what happens when…

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Completes Information Security and Neural Networks Courses

Attorney Brown recently completed two online, non-credit courses—Information Security and Risk Management in Context offered by the University of Washington and Neural Networks for Machine Learning offered by the University of Toronto.

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A Snapshot of Pennsylvania Social Media Cases—Winter 2011

An Overview of the State of Social Media Evidence in Pennsylvania—Winter 2011 Update
The law of social media evidence in Pennsylvania continues to develop. To date, the focus remains on civil matter, discovery issues. Issues of authentication and issues in criminal matters (such as resistance by social media providers citing the Stored Communications Act to defense access to social media for impeachment) remain open.

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DeSoto-Thinking-in-an-iPad-World: Another Pennsylvania Social Media Case—Largent v. Reed, Etc.

A new, Franklin County Court of Common Pleas case, Largent v. Reed, No. 2009-1823 (C.P. Franklin Cty., Nov. 7, 2011) (attested true copy reviewed by author), dealt with social media discovery in Pennsylvania. The 14 page opinion and two page order compelled the plaintiff to turn over the plaintiff’s “Facebook username email” (sic) and password for full access by defense counsel for 21 days. (emphasis added)

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Attorney Brown Continuing Education

In October, Attorney Brown returns to class by taking three, technology-related, non-credit courses:

Introduction to Machine Learning,
Introduction to Databases, and
Introduction to Artificial Intelligence.

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Hiatus Explained—Technology & Ethics CLE Pending

For the past few weeks, Attorney Brown took a brief hiatus from blogging and website articles to prepare for a forthcoming Legal Ethics & Technology CLE. Attorney Brown is scheduled to deliver the CLE at the Lancaster Bar Association on September 9, 2011. The CLE will address (as time permits) emerging issues for lawyers related to technology

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A Snapshot of Social Media Cases in Pennsylvania—Summer 2011

An Overview of the State of Social Media Evidence in Pennsylvania—Summer 2011

Pennsylvania lawyers face obstacles when grappling with social media. While social media, outside the legal field, spread like wildfire, the legal community must address social media within the context of a heavily precedential system—a system that does not necessarily handle the “new” well. Social media in a legal context triggers formidable ethical issues, moral issues, and fairness issues. Nevertheless, social media will remain a potent facet of life for the foreseeable future.

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Pennsylvania Court Opinion Implicates Authentication of Social Media Evidence

A recent Commonwealth Court decision, Chapman v. Unemployment Compensation Board of Review 20 A.3d 603 (Pa. Commw. Ct. 2011), illustrates 1) the growing presence of social media evidence and 2) the potential for social media authentication issues in legal matters —including in administrative law matters.[FN1] Authentication of social media evidence is an emerging issue.

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Facebook Download Your Information Basics for Lawyers

Original publication, PDF Version at JD Supra

In October 2010, Facebook released a new utility that allows a Facebook user to download the contents of his or her Facebook Member Profile.[FN1] Because Facebook features prominently in many areas of law, lawyers will probably encounter Facebook materials in a matter at some point, and lawyers may need basic familiarity with the current capabilities of the utility (as of March 2011).

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