Community Development Law

Vibrant Local DowntownCommunity Law addresses the practical aspects of organizing communities, strategic planning for communities, developing vibrant places where people want to live, resolving community conflicts, and protecting communities from bad and unwanted projects.

Shannon brings a wealth of Community Development Law experience as a former coordinator for community development, as a professor for community and economic development, as a member of local government, as a mediator, and as a skilled organizer. You can put this experience to work in your community.

Sometimes, however, one must challenge problem projects such as unwanted and unneeded development, bad planning decisions, improper variances, “rezoning, “Big Boxes, pipelines, habitat destruction, and other projects. Shannon brings the legal tools and commitment necessary to stand up to these potentially harmful projects.

Community Development Law Focus

  • Community placemaking
  • Sustainable land use, zoning, community planning practices
  • Model ordinances (e.g., noise, nuisance, sustainable development, tree management, and downtown revitalization)
  • Sustainable downtown development organization and coordination
  • Pennsylvania community benefit businesses and cooperatives
  • Farmers’ markets development and management
  • Renewable energy projects
  • Noise problems
  • Neighbor problems
  • Legal challenges to anti-community projects