Getting Help

Shannon brings legal skills but also a wealth of practical experience in information technology, business, farming, community development, and local government.

Information Technology Law

Seasoned IT, technical experience distinguishes Attorney Shannon Brown. Shannon knows how to code (starting 1984), knows systems admin (Linux since 1996, Windows since c. 1990), certified technically in cybersecurity, and brings database, software, web (starting 1996), and mobile apps (first developed in 2001 on the Kyocera 6035). Read more …

Community Development Law

Shannon served as a professor for Community & Economic Development, a community development coordinator for a university, a farm cooperative president, a community advocate, and a local government official (land use & zoning). Community Development interests include sustainable farming, regional & local food systems, local foods, renewable energy, community-owned energy, arts, and local businesses. Read more…

Ag Law