Information Technology Law

Technology and law doesn’t need to overwhelm.

Attorney Shannon Brown, as technologist and lawyer, works with you to devise practical and workable solutions—in plain language, with strategic vision, and with seasoned business understanding (as a business owner).

Cybersecurity, Information Security, and Data Breach Lawyer

Inevitably, a data breach will occur. Shannon, as a technologist and lawyer (information technology lawyer), can help you navigate the data breach reporting process (did you know Pennsylvania has a data breach reporting act?), oversee your data breach response program, and advise on mitigation efforts.

Many technology firms offer (excellent) cybersecurity consulting or information technology consulting services. But these firms cannot address legal compliance issues (find out why you might not want them to) arising during cybersecurity consulting. Having an information technology attorney help with information technology compliance, cybersecurity, and data breach may help avoid problems-down-the-road. Find out more about Cybersecurity and Data Breach Services ….

Technology Compliance and Risk Management Lawyer

Preventing or mitigating problems before they occur can save enormous headaches down-the-road—not to mention potentially reduce costs and damage to your business. As an information technology lawyer, Shannon can work with IT teams (using his technical knowledge), HR, and business management to develop workable, simple, compliant policies and procedures to manage risk. (And has training in information risk management.) Get help with important business tools such as privacy policies, BYOD policies, employee policies, incident response plans, disaster recovery plans, data breach response plans, data retention policies, etc. Find out more about Compliance and Risk Management Services ….

Strategic Consulting for Emerging Legal and Technology Issues Lawyer

Law and technology are complex—and usually distinct skill-sets. Oftentimes, simply bringing together the right players and having a trusted, strategic resource, who knows both sides (lawyer and technologist), to facilitate and translate can be helpful. Shannon also consults with other law firms on emerging issues in technology to help your firm avoid “missing something” in a matter. Shannon also provides technology “audits” or technology reviews for law firms to help law firms meet obligations to clients and the profession. Find out more about Legal and Technology Services ….

Business Start-ups/Business Advising Lawyer

You have a great technology idea. Hammering away on code and drinking Club-Mate. A business bursts forth. You downloaded the forms to start a business—now what do we do?

Starting a business (right) is exciting and challenging. Shannon has “been there”—several times. Contact Shannon for start-up advising, understanding what “those forms” mean, helping to navigate the sometimes surprising start-up requirements, prioritizing business tasks (to mitigate pitfalls), and helping as a trusted business advisor. Find out more about Business Start-up Services….