Business Advising/Start-up Lawyer

You have a great technology idea. Hammering away on code and drinking Club-Mate for three months. A business bursts forth. You downloaded the forms to start a business—now what do I do?

Starting a business (the right way) is exciting and challenging. Attorney Shannon Brown has “been there” several times. Contact Shannon for

  • general start-up advising,
  • understanding what “those forms” you filed actually mean (hopefully before you file them, but I understand that is not always the case),
  • helping to navigate the sometimes surprising start-up requirements,
  • developing policies and procedures (also see the Risk Management and Compliance Section),
  • drafting or advising on contracts and documents (software licenses, business contracts),
  • prioritizing business tasks (to mitigate pitfalls), and
  • helping as a trusted business advisor.

Want to find out more? Contact Attorney Shannon Brown.