Cybersecurity / Data Breach Lawyer

With statutory mandates requiring businesses to disclose data breaches, increased need for cybersecurity policies, and increasing government regulation of personally identifiable information, legally compliant cybersecurity programs and data-breach-response plans become a critical tool for business.

Cybersecurity, Data Security, and Information Security Lawyer

Many technology and consulting firms offer “cybersecurity consulting”—and certainly might provide some necessary technical advising. But, cybersecurity and information security programs require both legal and technical compliance (HIPPA, Sarbanes-Oxley, data breach reporting, etc.).

Technology firms alone cannot address the important legal compliance issues arising from cybersecurity (and find out why you don’t want them to), and they cannot assure legally adequate cybersecurity programs (where incorrect implementations could cause you problems down-the-road).

Attorney Shannon Brown, with over 15 years of information technology consulting experience and experience as a data / cybersecurity lawyer, can work with your cybersecurity consultants to help assure that the organization’s cybersecurity programs meet both technical and legal requirements.

(Also see the Risk Management/Compliance Services Section for more general services related to business risk management and compliance.)

Data Breach Response

Inevitably, a data breach will occur at your business. Preparing for the breach includes policies and procedures

  • to quickly identify the breach (research shows cybercriminal breaches may go undiscovered for an astounding 245 days!),
  • to assure information integrity,
  • to manage a legal compliance issues,
  • to address reputation issues, and
  • to get the systems back online.

Shannon, as a technologist and lawyer, can help you navigate the complexities of a data breach, manage the data breach reporting process (did you know Pennsylvania has a data breach reporting act?), oversee your data breach response program, and advise on damage-mitigation.

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