Law & Technology Consulting Lawyer

With the convergence of law and technologies, clients and lawyers can no longer afford to choose either technology skills or legal skills.

Law and technology are complex—and, unfortunately, usually distinct skill-sets. But Attorney Shannon Browns spans that gap. Shannon brings over 20 years of hands-on technologies experience (including software development, database development, and computer systems administration) to your project. He has recent training in the advanced technologies including encryption, cryptography, cybersecurity, information risk management, eDiscovery software algorithms, probability theory, etc. He regularly publishes on technology-and-law issues and conducts CLEs on technology-and-law issues (including emerging issues such as drones, mobile devices, cloud computing, and eDiscovery technologies).

Technology Issues in Legal Matters—Consulting

Oftentimes, simply bringing together the right players and having a trusted, strategic resource, who knows both sides (lawyer and technologist), to facilitate and translate can be helpful. Shannon consults with other law firms on emerging issues in technology to help your firm avoid “missing something” in a matter. Shannon acts as a consulting attorney during depositions, deposition preparation, discovery (eDiscovery), and legal strategy.

Law Firm Technology Advising, Technology “Audits,” or Technology Reviews

In February 2013, the FBI alerted law firms to the possibility of being targeted by cybercriminals. Recent reports indicate that most cyber-breaches remain undetected for an astounding 245 days—just imagine what that does to your case by not being able to assure the integrity of your systems! In late 2012, the ABA amended the Rules of Professional Responsibility to expressly include technology competence as a lawyer’s duty. The messages are clear: technologies are no longer a quaint add-on (or annoyance) for the law firm.

Shannon applies his hands-on technologies experience and training to help your law firm meet its obligations to clients and the profession. Technology “audits” or technology reviews may be a good place to start for most firms—ratting-the-digital-doors so to speak to see where you might need to focus to become compliant and to prepare for cybersecurity incidents.

Note: I get asked this question. Technology “audits” or technology reviews are not just traditional law practice management “what-software-should-I-use” assistance. Technology “audits” or technology reviews are more active and far more in-depth law firm analysis programs to identify cybersecurity issues, disaster response policies, data breach response plans, data backup plans, data integrity issues, data retention plans, data protection & data integrity (BYOD, cloud computing, mobile devices), etc. In other words, these programs seek to help identify the basic threats that face today’s law firms (and ideally to provide a road-map to mitigate this risk).

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