Risk Management/Compliance Lawyer

Preventing or mitigating problems before they occur may help minimize enormous headaches down-the-road—not to mention potentially helping to reduce costs and damages to your business.

Attorney Shannon Brown can work with IT teams, HR, business management, and staff to develop workable, readable, and compliant policies-and-procedures to manage information risk and business risk. (And has training in information risk management.) Projects can include either policy development or more active technology reviews or technology “audits.”

Technology “Audits” or Technology Reviews

Technology reviews or technology “audits” rattle-the-doors so to speak—probing the current policies, procedures, and systems to see what works, what doesn’t, and what-you-think-works-but-doesn’t and then provides actionable guidance on mitigation steps.

Information Governance, Risk Management and Compliance

Overall, businesses and law firms may find the following technology-legal services especially helpful:

  • technology “audits” or “pre-audits” (focusing on information management, integrity, and security),
  • company privacy policies,
  • BYOD policies (bring-your-own-device),
  • employee policies (and employee termination data protection policies),
  • information incident response plans,
  • disaster recovery plans / business continuity plans,
  • data breach response plans,and
  • data retention policies (reducing data storage, while remaining compliant, to minimize risk).

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