Privacy Statement

v. 2018 January

1. General Purpose

Shannon Brown created this website privacy policy to explain the general types of information that are collected through this website and generally how that information may be used.

2. “Passive” Information Collected

This website “passively” collects information about your website visit.

Website Logs

Website logs record common information about your visit to this website. The web server generally stores this information on the web server or other computer in a website log. The information stored may include:

  • IP address,
  • URI/URL,
  • web service provider,
  • time and date of visit,
  • length of visit,
  • bytes transferred,
  • protocol used,
  • DNS server,
  • URI/URL query data,
  • browser used, and
  • web pages visited.


To the best of Shannon Brown’s knowledge, this website does not currently use cookies for user accessible areas. If cookies are ever used, the use is intended to provide typical website functionality (e.g., persistent log-in or “bread crumbs” navigation).

No Advertising Tracking Cookies

Shannon Brown does not knowingly participate in ad tracking programs (such as Google Ads).

3. Information Use

The information collected may be used by Shannon Brown, employees (if any), agents, contractors, etc. Please note that such use includes access and use by, for example, the web hosting vendor (a third party) and its employees, contractors, agents, etc.

Use of Website Logs

The general uses of the website logs are

  • to provide error diagnosis information,
  • to manage or predict website and web server usage and bandwidth needs,
  • to provide information to enhance the website visitor’s experience, and
  • to help assess the effectiveness of the website content and presentation.

Website log information may be aggregated as part of this assessment, review, and diagnosis process. These aggregated reports are helpful to the website owner to achieve the uses listed above.

4. Use of Visitor and Client-Supplied Information

You might voluntarily supply information, including personally identifiable information, to Shannon Brown via the website (for example, sending an email or using the Contact Form). Shannon Brown uses this information to respond to your request. To do so, please recognize that this information might need to be shared. However, Shannon Brown does not intend to sell your information.

5. Information Retention

Shannon Brown retains information for an indefinite period.


This website uses SSL/TLS/HTTPS to reasonably secure communications between your web browser software and this website. While SSL/TLS/HTTPS provides some privacy protections, understand that these technologies are not foolproof, that they encrypt the communications, and do not limit logging.

7. Compelled Disclosure

Law enforcement officials, government entities, etc. may compel disclosure of the information collected on this website, and Shannon Brown may need to comply with these disclosures. Furthermore, such information may be subject to disclosure to private parties, for example, as the result of a lawsuit. Users or potential users of the information collected on this website may have a duty to cooperate in such disclosures.

8. Changes to Policy

This policy may be changed (including amendment or retraction) from time to time and without prior notice to website visitors. The current policy, if any, will be listed on the website although changes may not be expressly noted.

9. Contact Information for Concerns About This Policy

Please contact Shannon Brown using the website contact information.

Last Updated: 22 January 2018